M.I.N.D. Study Update March 2007


There are 19 families who have completed the study.
There are another 6 families who are scheduled for their first visit.

So with 25 families, they are not far from their goal of having 40 families participate before they can analyze and publish the results.
They are very excited about this and appreciate the help and support from all the families who have helped them with this important research.

Please feel free to share this information and ask interested families to look at this website intramural.nimh.nih.gov for more details and then send an email to Marene West if they have questions or would like to participate.

For those of you who have been to NIH, please feel free to expound on your experience.
They know the feedback they have received has been very positive.

They will pay the airfare for the mother and daughter.
They also pay for the hotel for two nights and an allowance per day for meals.


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