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Triple X Syndrome Support is a new innovative idea that is piloted in Birmingham, UK is inspired to supporting people affected by Triple X Syndrome.

They are a small team of volunteers who are passionate about Triple X from a UK social perspective. Research is at the heart of everything they do.

They collaborate with leading organisations.

Information in plain language
by Thea van de Velde & Ida Bakker
from Contact Group Triple-X Syndrome.
written in Dutch, translated in English in March 2007.

The information in this leaflet has been gathered from various sources, such as publications of doctors and research workers who have studied and described this syndrome.

The personal experiences of parents of girls with Triple-X and women who have Triple-X themselves however were just as important in writing this article.

The text has been verified by prof. C. Stumpel, professor of clinical genetics, Academic Hospital Maastricht (the Netherlands).

Unique UK Trisomy X leaflet

Unique, the rare chromosome disorder support group UK, has created a new and extended leaflet on Triple X Syndrome.
It was recently published on their website.

Click on this link to download this leaflet


Kathleen Erskine, a graduate student in the Joan H. Marks Graduate Program in Human Genetics at Sarah Lawrence College conducted a study to identify the important aspects of 47, XXX/ 3X/ Triple X/ Trisomy X to discuss with girls when they first learn about their Trisomy X diagnosis.
The end result of this study is this educational booklet for parents to give their daughter when they first tell her about Trisomy X.

Guide to Trisomy X
Available at


This is an informational and educational brochure.
This is not typical promotional brochure.
This is intended for professionals and newly diagnosed individuals who are eager to learn about this condition.

September 2014
New brochures by AXYS about several sex chromosome aneuploidies; Triple X Syndrome

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