Clinical Trial for Dr. Tartaglia 2010

Dr. Tony Simon and Dr. Nicole Tartaglia are conducting an NIH-funded study that seeks to learn more about brain development and learning differences in XXY and Triple X.
Dr. Simon is a cognitive neuroscientist at UC-Davis and Dr. Tartaglia is a developmental-behavioral pediatrician with expertise in X&Y chromosome variations at University of Colorado.

Many children with XXY and Triple X score lower on language-based tasks compared to visuospatial or math skills, and this study evaluates the function and structure of the brain to determine how it produces this pattern of strengths and weaknesses.
Once more is known, interventions to reduce the learning problems can be developed.

The study takes place at the UC-Davis MIND Institute in Sacramento, California. Children ages 7-14 with XXY and XXX are invited to participate. Children who take part in the study will play computer games, do paper and pencil tests, and have pictures taken of their brain using an MRI machine.

For additional information, please see the XXY and XXX Brain Development Study flyer— click here —and contact Marisol Mendoza.

The study is also featured on KS&A’s website , and it is registered with Private Access.

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